Role Model: Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer is someone that I’ve seen on television for years, but it wasn’t until I saw her home on HGTV that I really took notice of all this woman has to offer. Lara was featured on a program called Hollywood at Home, which looked at how celebrities of various backgrounds decorate their houses. Hers was the standout, hands down, with a classic, yet fearless elegance that I just really loved.

Trolling the internet to learn more about her, it turns out that Lara is really talented and always has been. In college she was a nationally ranked athlete, achieving top marks in swimming and diving. She worked her way up in the television business, starting as a page at NBC and eventually working as a news anchor and lifestyle reporter. Her big break came when she got the chance to host The Insider, which showcased her talent and beauty to a national audience.

Lara recently left that show to do some work with Good Morning America. She will soon be hosting her own show on NBC. At her website, you can see that she really has a knack for décor; her site features flea market finds of the kind that really turn a house into a home. Lara is married with two kids and has a book on the way; she’s beautiful and talented enough to make any t-girl green with envy. Way to go Lara Spencer, way to go.



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