Cute Haircuts

So I watched Disney’s Rapunzel with my daughter the other night and, you know what? I decided that I like Rapunzel’s hair way better at the end of the movie, when its in that cute little razored cut, then earlier in the film, when its all long and luxuriously blonde.  Can I be the only one who things this way?



2 Responses to “Cute Haircuts”

  1. 11meister Says:

    No your not the only one :3

    I’ve just been reading through your blog archives and I stumbled across this entry and though – god, there are no replies, I must reply XD

    I too thought her hair was waaaaaay cuter short :3 – and I don’t really have a thing for short hair…or maybe I do….I dunno. I’m in the same position as you are really, admiring girls hair while not knowing if I want to wear it myself or not – so my opinion on these kinds of things can flip-flop quite a lot.

    Anyway – just wanted to let you know you’ve earnt yourself a comrade – and you can expect to see more comments from me in the future!


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