Top Secret Bridesmaid

So I talked to my friend who is getting married and she agrees that I can be her secret bridesmaid. I didn’t have to work hard to sell her on the idea, since she will be just about the only person ever who gets a secret bridesmaid. I don’t even think the other bridesmaids will know!

That said, I’m glad I have been working on my figure. I have to look good for the wedding, no matter which gender I’m representing. I’ve lost sixteen pounds in the past eight weeks and I’m very much nearing my first weight loss milestone. The first milestone is to weigh as much as I did when I got out of the hospital with pneumonia and was severely famished (this time, with muscle) and the second milestone is to dip below a magical number I haven’t seen in a long while (a girl never tells what that number is);)

So, yeah, I’m pumped.




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