Eight Weeks and Running

I crept into my eighth week of hormones yesterday, with barely a notice. Today, however, my chest is aching something fierce. Things are generally going as well as can be expected. This weekend I bought a treadmill and began a daily exercise routine, in pursuit of a targeted weight loss goal. Wish me luck. I also bought a few things from Kohl’s, a couple of new wigs, and a new pair of shoes, which look and fit great.



3 Responses to “Eight Weeks and Running”

  1. longislandbree Says:

    Hi Kate.. congrats on eight weeks! And good luck with your new treadmill! I’m awaiting some cash and am going to pick up a new elliptical myself! Us gals got to watch our figures, after all…


  2. Kate Says:

    Thanks, Keri. The treadmill is already paying dividends. Exercise is good for so much more than weight loss.

  3. The Subversive Librarian Says:

    Kate, I’m so glad you reappeared. That long quiet stretch had me concerned. Thank you for your honesty and courage.

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