Nearing Six Weeks

Here’s a status update, as I near six weeks of hormone replacement therapy.

My skin is much softer, there is more fat on my chest, and my pubic hair is coming in with more of a female pattern. I’ve lost a couple inches on my waist and put on an inch or two on my hips.  My butt definitely seems bigger to me, though it measures about the same. There are nodes under both of my nipples, which are painful, when pricked in any way.

The changes to my body had mostly happened by about four weeks, I think. There doesn’t seem to be much progress since. I’m eagerly waiting for the three month mark, which is when, they say, my breast tissue should start to develop. Other than that, I’m trying to be patient, though its very hard.



2 Responses to “Nearing Six Weeks”

  1. Katherine Says:

    It is frustrating… The waiting part. The breast grow in spurts so be ready for that at about the 4 – 6 month mark (that is when my buds turned to breasts at least)

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