D Word: Divorce

After a week of talking about it and, frankly, going back and forth about the matter, the Mrs. went to see a divorce lawyer today. She made the appointment a week ago, but this weekend she was saying that she would give life with Kate a try, if it avoided a divorce. I suspected that she would recant and go to see the lawyer, if only because she had the appointment.

We went out to dinner tonight and the Mrs. was quiet and sullen, so I asked if she had gone through with it. She said she had and that she was going to wait until this weekend to tell me. I guess I’m glad I guessed it. Apparently, it will be a few weeks – maybe two months – before I get papers about it all. Then we will meet with the lawyer and settle any differences we may have. We don’t anticipate any, as this is a friendly divorce that neither of us wants, really. But, we have the definition of irreconcilable differences, so it must be.

I’m saddened, naturally, but trying to stay focused on the future. The big challenge will be selling our house, which we only bought a little more than a year ago. Since we bought at the bottom of the market, I am hopeful that we have a snowball’s chance in hell of recouping our money, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we can’t. In any event, I have no qualms about a “strategic default,” since I already have another house (a rental) and neither of us has much credit score left after the past two years. Only time will tell if it comes to that.


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