The A Word

So, we did it. We got an abortion. It took two days and seven hours, but we felt that it was the best decision for all parties. Do I have some regret? A little. Surprisingly, though, I’m fairly comfortable with the decision. I’ve rationalized it this way – why would we bring a child into this world, who cannot be adequately cared for or loved? I am not really keen on having an abortion, for all of the usual reasons, but this just seemed to be best for all parties.

Yesterday, I had a visit with my hormone doctor. He wrote me a three month script for premarin and provera, which I’ve been taking now for nine days. As usual, he made a silly tg comment – “Did you go to the Lady Gaga concert?” What a quack, this guy. Afterwards, I went down to the pharmacy, to get the scripts filled. Blue Cross flagged my order, because of the size of it. The pharmacist had to call them and approve it manually. Silly Blue Cross. Anyway, a sense of progress is mounting.



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