Planning for the Future

Today is day four on hormones. No significant changes to report.

Last night, my wife and I talked more about our plans for the future. We’re going to get an abortion and the Mrs. and our little one are going to separate from me, probably sometime after the school year is out. My wife wants to move to Florida, where she has always wanted to live, to start over. I don’t know that that is a wonderful idea for someone with such poor credit and a penchant for being sick (instead of going to work), but maybe it will help her turn a new leaf.

As for me, I’m planning to move back to my rental property, complete my transition, travel, and go back to school. If anything, my future looks very bright. It will be a sad day when we part, but, as we laughed about last night, both of our therapists told us to run far and fast away from each other, many months ago.



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