Back on Hormones

Its official.  I’m back on hormones. I started back on them tonight, by taking four 1.25 mg capsules of Premarin. I’ll add Provera to the mix tomorrow.

I haven’t told my wife yet and I don’t know when I will. She doesn’t seem to handle it well when I talk to her about gender issues. I know I’ll never get out of this relationship, if I don’t push this issue, however, so I’m going to start taking hormones now and get on with something I should have been doing for years.

Of course, there is the issue of my wife’s pregnancy. She is saying that she wants an abortion. I told her that I would raise the baby, but she said she’d rather not bring a child into this world that she doesn’t want and that would start off in a broken home. I can’t say I disagree with her. So, we may go next week. Then again, she is very flip-flopish on issues like this, so we’ll see.

I am using the last 18 days worth of hormones that I have from my previous prescription, which means that I need to go see my doctor within two weeks or so. That shouldn’t be a problem, but sometimes he’s busy and its hard to get into see him. Maybe they can write me a new script over the phone. Either way, he’s going to want to see me, since I started and stopped hormones over the summer, without going back to see him.

Wish me luck,



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