Fashionableness News

While I am still a homely girl, I’ve been trying to work on my fashion IQ, my wardrobe, and my knowledge of make up and female grooming habits, during the past few weeks. Here is an update of my efforts:

  • I trimmed my eyebrows – not enough so that anyone can really tell, but enough so I know I’m going in the right direction. My friend sent me instructions and  a diagram telling me how, which I followed to the best of my ability.
  • I shaved my arms. Well, this was because I thought I was going out on Saturday, which didn’t turn out. No one has noticed since I shaved them, but I wear a lot of long sleeve shirts.
  • I went shopping on Saturday and bought a while new outfit. Here’s what I got: a black, three quarter length, cropped sweater; a blue dressy top; some black dress slacks; a three pack of ladies dress socks; a black, size 38B bra (if anyone had a 38A, I’d have gotten it); a pair of black, hip hugger panties; and a pair of oversized, silver sun glasses (which I’ve been wearing to and from work).
  • I completed enough surveys online that I got a free $25 American Eagle giftcard, which I used, in combination with their “buy three, get free shipping” promotion, to get two tank tops and a pair of underwear for about $0.80 cost to me. They should arrive shortly.
  • There was a mishap – one of two shoes that make up my only girlie pair had the bottom come unglued. Its currently under rehabilitation in my workshop in the basement. We’ll see if it can be saved; I don’t know if it can or not yet.
  • Also, my hair is getting unruly long. I almost got it cut, but now I’m not so sure about it. I kind of like it long, except when I have to impress people. Then I hate it.

Ok, I think those are the general points I wanted to make. Slow, but steady progress. That’s all I can ask for, I suppose.


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