Status Report: June 2009

For posterity’s sake, I think it would be beneficial to post a general status report, indicating what’s been done and what needs to be done, as far as transition, at this stage in the game. So, let’s look at the big things:

  • Self Acceptance – This is probably numero uno on the checklist for every tgirl; you must recognize that you have a problem, that it isn’t going away, and that, yes, you can become a member of the opposite sex, despite how insane that seems. I’m pretty far along this road, though its taken a long time of grappling with it. I still think about self acceptance issues on a fairly constant basis, but my focus seems to have shifted somewhat since I started on the road toward transition. I’d say I’m 75 percent of the way there, with the remaining 25 percent to be dealt with as I physically transition.
  • Style and Appearance – I’m rebuilding my wardrobe, after a purge in the summer of 2007. That means I have quite a bit of stuff I need to buy, despite my total lack of funds. I have got the basics – underwear, a couple of tops, a couple of bottoms, a pair of shoes, minimal jewelery, a purse, some breast enhancers,  a wig, and some basic makeup. However, I’m very light in each of these categories. My makeup skills are improving dramatically, I think, but I’ve still never been able to figure out eye liner. Also, I need a brow wax. Let’s say I’m 10 percent in style and appearance.
  • Coming Out – Parents know. Spouse, her family, and her friends know. My three closest friends know. That leaves siblings and extended family, extended friend network, and work colleagues to tell. I’d say I’m more than half way there on this one – 55 percent.
  • Hair Removal – Haven’t started. I think I’ll make a run at this once I’ve got a month or two of hormones behind me. Like many parts of transition, hair removal is permanent, and I’d hate to be stuck with its effects in the event I couldn’t make transition work. On the other hand, I hate my facial and body hair, so…the real delay involves money. Zero percent on this one.
  • Hormones – Again, I haven’t started, though I did leave a voice mail for the hormone doctor, indicating that I want to set up an appointment. If all goes well, I should get some scripts in a month’s time or less. Again, zero percent.
  • Voice – I practice my voice periodically when I drive to and from work. I think its coming along, but it has a long way to go. I’ll say 10 percent on this one. Part of that 90 percent, though, is appearance. If you look good, who would question you??

I think those are the big ones. There are a few others – walk, for example – but I feel that, if I accomplish the big things, the little ones will all be easy. Notably, I didn’t add plastic surgery to this list. I’d like to see how things go with the basic stuff, before deciding my need for surgeries. I’m interested in Facial Feminization and maybe breast augmentation. Depending on how things go with my spouse, I could be interested in the full nip-tuck. I mean, I am, but that’s a big step for a long way down the road.



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